Saturday 22 February 2020
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Hartal in North and East- more pledge support

Hartal in North and East- more pledge support

A complete hartal will be held in the motherland in North and East today. Political parties, Public Organizations, Religious dignitaries, students teachers and traders have pledges their support for this Hartal organized by the relatives of the missing persons.

This Hartal is held demanding the information on people made to disappear after being handed over to the Security Forces and the release of lands of people occupied by Security Forces.

In a context where unprecedented pledges of supports are heaping up, it is expected that today’s Hartal will send a strong message to both the Sri Lankan Government and the International community.

Yesterday the Tamil Diplomat published a list of organizations which have pledged their support for today’s Hartal. Today we publish a list of organizations which have joined yesterday’s list:

Eelam People’s Democratic Party

Democratic People Front.

Northern Civil Society

International Hindu Priests’ Association.

Jaffna District Bakers’ Association- with announcement of  ‘No Bread today’

Tamil National Cultural Council.

Jaffna District Lorry owners’ Association.

Kilinochchi Coconut-Palmyrah Development Board.

Odduchuddan Traders Association

Vavuniya Campus Teachers’ Association.

Association of Public Organizations in Mannar.

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