Monday 24 February 2020
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Haul of medals in National Schools Kabadi Championships

Haul of medals in National Schools Kabadi Championships

The National Schools Kabadi championships were held in the Indoor Stadium of Thigana in Kandy,day before yesterday. Northern Schools had achieved considerable victories in this Championships. Some results are given below.

Group School Vs Points Place
<17 Boys Chavakachcheri Hindu Thamuthugama V 36:28 Gold
<20 Girls Thellipalai Central

Ilavalai Convent

Ilavalai Convent

Thellipalai Central


19: 37


<17 Girls


Sivanakar GTM School



Mahaweli National School





< 20 Girls Oribiwela MV 59:09 Bronze
< 20 Girls Nelliyady Central College Ilavalai Convent 37:19 Gold
  Ilavai Convent Nelliyady Central College 19:37 Silver
<20 Boys Nelliyady Central College Ninthavur Al Askar MV 58:32 Gold
Cricket Kilinochchi Hindu college Medirigriya National School 2W – 93 : Ao – 55 Gold
Basket Ball <20 girls Kokkuvil hindu college Good Sheppard – Kotanchenai 51:37 Bronze


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