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Heartfelt thank you to Tamil and Muslim People who kept to Law and order from Eastern CM

The Eastern Chief Minister, Seinulaptheen Naseer Ahamed said that, he wish to thank the Tamil and Muslim people, for keeping peace, respecting the law and order of the country, in the face of provocations from chauvinist religious fanatics.

In a news release he has issued on the tension and unrest in Batticaloa on Saturday, he had said as follows:

Although the Buddhist clergy who should be an examples to laymen, had exhibited incivility and rowdyism , the Tamil and Muslim people had demonstrated  to this country that they always preserve moral values and that they always respect the law and order of this country. The chauvinist religious fanatics should think that they can play mockery at the Tamil and Muslim people just because they are keeping and respecting Law and order.

As the Chief Minister of the Province I have understood my duty and acting accordingly, to preserve Law and order and to ensure the safety of the people. Nobody will be allowed to undertake racist activities, he had said.