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Heartley students in Medal Harvest National Level

Heartley College, Jaffna, went on a medal hunting in National School Athletic Championships held in the Anuradhapura Public Stadium on 15 – 18the of this month.

< 12 Long Jump – R.Suren – Colours award jumping 4.1 M

< 13 High Jump – S.Mithunraj – Colours award jumping 1.3 M

< 14 Discuss Throw –  N.Praveenan -34.81M – Silver Medal,  A.Nishath Maheepan – 29.03M – Colours award.

<14  Put-shot – N.Praveenan   –           8.43M – Colours award.

<15  Discuss Throw – T.Abishanth – 40.25M – Bronze Medal, P.Nivethan  – 30.65M- Colours award,  V.Vajeen – 33.72 M – Colours award

 High Jump – V.Vajeen – 1.55M –Colours award

P.Anand  was selected as the Best Athlete in the 46th John Carbet Junior Athletic Championship, throwing Discuss to 45.91M.

Kokkuvil Hindu girls Bronze in the National Schools CarromChampionship.

In the National School Carrom Championship- 2015, held at the Vishaka Girls High School, Badulla, The  Kokkuvil Hindu College  Under-15 team won their match against Colombo Vishaka College team and captured a Bronze medal.