Tamil Diplomat

Heavy demand for organic fertilizer produced at Kakkaitheevu waste re-cycling plant

The Organic Fertilizer produced at the Kakkaitheevu, Jaffna waste re-cycling plant had become popular among the farmers. Although the plant is in operation for only 6 months, more than Rs.64,000/= had been earned as profit, said the Officer in charge of the re-cycling plant, Rathnasingam Asokan.

The plant administered by the Jaffna Municipal Council, commenced its operation of producing Organic Fertilizer, only 6 months back. This Organic Fertilizer is being produced from perishable solid garbage collected within the Jaffna Municipal Council limits.

The Organic fertilizer is packed in various amounts and sold to the farmers. People are showing much interest in purchasing the Organic Fertilizer. Although a small quantity was sold last month, the sales have increased this month. 16 cubes of Organic fertilizer had been sold up to date. Rs. 64,000/= had been earned as income. In the context of Yala cultivation being commenced already, the demand for the Organic Fertilizer had increased, the OIC said.