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Heavy rains in the East, Routine life of people affected

The routine lives of the people of the East have been affected badly as rains continue to shower over the Province.


Heavy rains had lashed Amparai, with floods affecting areas including,  Akkaraipattu, Aalaiyadivempu, Thirukkovil, Pothuvil, Kalmunai and Ninthavur. In the 24 hours ending at 8.00 a.m. yesterday , the highest rainfall of 310 mm rain was experienced in Akkaraipattu. The following figures were reported by Pothuvil Met. Station, M.I.M. Naheem: Perunavalar School,Annai Saratha School and Vivehananda School in Aalayadivempu have gone under water and leave has been declared for them.

Akkaraipattu Sagamam Amparai Pothuvil
310 mm. 180mm. 165mm 138.1 mm.

As the sea seems to be rough more than 500 fishermen refrained from going to sea, Olluvil Fishermen Society President, I.L.Mansoor said.

The danger of low lying areas going under flood water is looming over Batticaloa District with Batticaloa receiving 86mm. Water levels in Unnichai, Vahaneri,Velikakandy, Vadamunai, Kithul Vadichchal Punanai, Navakkiri, Thumbankerny and Pulukkunavai tanks is rising with rain fall.

Low lying areas and roads have been submerged in floods. Kanthalai, kinniya,Pulmodai,Muthur and Thoppur   areas are receiving widespread rains and Trincomalee received 92.6 mm rain.

rain batticaloa 1