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Historical mistakes are causing problems : CM, C.V.Wigneswaran

While pointing out that certain problems are being created to our people because of them having historically wrong numeral quantities, the CM, C.V. Wigneswaran said that, we are engaging in sentimental politics.

Whenever I go to Colombo, my Sinhalese friends ask me why I am not compromising and adamant. I used to tell them that we are talking about our rights, truths and what is needed by us. We are not responsible if you understand them wrongly.

Easter Governor once said while travelling with me that, Buddhist symbols found in east shows that Buddhists had lived in the east during earlier times. I told him that Tamils were converted to Buddhism in 2nd and 3rd centuries and they are the Buddhists who lived in the east and the symbols belonged to them. He did not answer. When I suggested to him we could bring down foreign experts and research in this matter, he just said it will not be possible.

Our politics had come to such low level because we engage in sentimental politics.

Let’s sacrifice us as much as possible. Our future generation will be well off that much.

The CM was speaking in the publication event of the 24th issue of Nalla Kanthan , held at the Navalar Hall, Nallur, yesterday.