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HIV infection in the North on the increase, warns the Prevention Unit for Infectious Diseases

Medical Specialist, Piriyantha Paddagala and the Medical Officer in Charge of the Prevention Unit for Infectious Diseases of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital has warned that the HIV infections in the North are increasing stage by stage than that of the past years.

If someone suspect that he/she had been infected with HIV, they could receive treatment at the Anti- Sexually transmitted diseases unit, they said.

In a press conference held at the Regional Health Services Centre, yesterday they further said that so far 35 persons have registered themselves at our treatment Centre. Six of them have died. 25 have no connection with people abroad. It is anticipated that more than 80 HIV infected persons could be there in Jaffna. Medical Specialist Priyantha  Paddagala is providing treatment, being resident here.

HIV infection is largely transmitted by Heterosexual intercourse. However proportion of male: female numbers has increased from 1.4 : 1 has increased in recent years to 1.9 : 1. The increase is caused by homosexual intercourse, they said.