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Hoarded Money discovered from “Temple Trees”

Large amounts of Jewellery including golden swords and Money discovered from “Temple Trees” the former official residence of prime Ministers, which was under the control of Mahindha Rajapakshe during his regime as president.

New luxuary buildings similar to 5-star Hotels, were found to be added  to  the Original structure.  Each of these building had been allocated and used by Mahindha Rajapakshe, former First lady  Shiranthy and Mahindha’s son Namal Rajapakshe.

After Ranil Wickremasinghe assumed duties as Prime Minister, at “Temple Trees, ministers, Deputy Minister and media persons were allowed to look around “Temple Trees”. During that time, more than 500 million of money and expensive golden Jewelleries were discovered from there. Thousands of computers and multi printers and some important files also found there. Commenting on the discovery Mrs. Wijekala Maheswaran, the Jaffna District MP, said that the Rajapakshe Family had run for their lives dropping every thing else.