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Hold election under PR system till issues are sorted out: Siddharthan

 PLOTE Leader Tamil National Allaince Jaffna Parliamentarian D.Siddharthan has steated that it is better to hold the current election under the old system, the PR system until certain issues are sorted out.

Speaking to the media on the proposal for delimitation, he observed:

 “The new system is good for the people as they can identify their members. But today the minority parties, especially in the upcountry and the south face problems. In certain areas they won’t be able to secure even one vote because they are split and are not concentrated in one area.

If you take a PR division, a small party will be able to get two to three seats, and they have urged the government to hold the elections at least this time under the PR system, until they can adjust to the new system.

“For us, the Eastern Province and certain sections in Vanni and Mannar too cause a problem. In Jaffna it’s not an issue because the winners there are definitely Tamils.

But especially in the East, it’s a problem as the Tamils are a minority. This happens in both Muslim and Sinhala dominated areas.’