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Homage paid to 8 students killed in the Claymore Attack by SL LRRP unit at Aiyankankulam

The event for paying homage to the 8 students killed in the Clay-more attack of the Sri Lankan Long Range Recci Patrol (LRRP) at Aiyankankulam of Mulaitheevu District, was held at the burial sites of the students in  Aiyankan Kulam area yesterday, at around 12.30 p.m.

An ambulance travelling from Aiyankankulam to Aalankalam was caught in a Claymore attack by the Sri Lanka Long Range Recci Patrol unit and 8 students travelling the said ambulance were killed on the spot.

People gathered at the burial site of the students killed in the attack and paid their homage to them.

Several people including the relatives, area people and political representative including the Thunnukkai Pradeshiya Saba member Sujanthan participated in this event.