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Homage paid to children killed in air attack at Chensolai, breaching Police ban

The 14th annual commemoration of 61 including 54 school children killed in Air attack of Sri Lankan Air Force 2006 was held at the Chensolai complex in Vallipunam, Mulaitheevu District, which is the venue of the massacre, breaching all ban proclaimed by the Police.

Despite the threats of Police and the Army to the organizers of the event the commemoration was held qt 6.15 a.m. yesterday at the Chensolai complex.

Relatives paid their homage at 6.45 a.m., followed by people including the Vanni District MP, Selvam Adaikalanathan and former NPC member, A.Puvaneswaran.

Usually, the commemoration is held near the memorial Arch at Idaikaddu junction and the Police had proclaimed a ban to hold the event there.

When former MP and former member of NPC, M.K.Sivajilingam went to the spot the police had asked him to hold the event elsewhere. However, Sivajilingam had adamantly paid his homage at the usual venue. The parents of some children killed in the massacre, living close to the venue joined Sivajilingam and lighted memorial flames for their children.

Police and state intelligence personnel were present at the venues of the commemoration in their numbers and engaged in threatening activities taking photographs of participants.