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Horrible accident of Engineering college students

On Tuesday 31-03-2015 a bus of Chettinad College Of Engineering and Technology (Karur) met with an horrible accident (Near Lalapet) in which three students and a lab technician died on spot and sixteen others were injured horribly.

It is said that the College driver tried to overtake as it was getting late for college and crashed onto an Eicher which was coming on the opposite direction. Students of the college held a strike that the Principal and Administrative officer must resign their job as it was their mistake who created pressures on all staffs by various illegal activities.

As a rule, when a student is late to class, he/she is fined an amount of RS.100 per day and when a van driver is late to reach college, he is also instructed to be fined by deducting the amount from his salary which are now pointed-out to be the main causes of accident.

Raffina Banu who lost her life had already said her father one week earlier to the incident that the driver was over speed and her father he himself had visited the college and complained about it. No action was taken with regard to his complaint.  It is heard that the driver who met the accident was newly appointed by the Principal & AO for lower salary.