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Human bones continue to surface in the Mannar Sathosa premises: Detected yesterday also!

In a context where excavations are being undertaken in the Sathosa premises, human remains continue to surface there. Suspicious human bone fragments were recovered at the site yesterday also. Following day before yesterday’s excavations, yesterday also excavation were continued in the presence of the Mannar Court, Judge A.G.Alexrajah.

Several bone fragments were discovered in this spot. Further, soil excavated earlier had been heaped behind the Cemetery and excavations were made there also and there also bones and teeth were recovered.

It was found  that of the 6 feet excavated, 4 feet were lose soil and 2 feet consisting firm soil.

A team led by Special Lego-medical expert, W.R.A.S.Rajapakse and another team led by the Professor of Kelaniya University, Raj Somadeva took part in the excavations.

AALs,  Niranjan, Mrs.Ranitha Gnanaraj, Special forensic experts of Police and invited officials were present at the site of excavations.

The Sathosa buildings at the Mannar entrance were demolished and excavations were carried out for the construction of new buildings. Excavated soil was sold to local people. In one of such load bone fragments were detected and the police and court were informed.

In the inspection of excavated soil, undertaken continuously for three days from 27th several human bone fragments and teeth were discovered from the soil.

Following these detection, the construction work at Sathosa has been suspended.

Human bones continue to surface in the Mannar Sathosa premises