Tamil Diplomat

Human remains recovered from a former site of an Army Camp, in Murakkoddanchenai, Batticaloa

It is reported yesterday that human remains have been recovered from an area where an Army camp existed earlier in Morakkoddanchenai, Batticaloa.

A part of the Army camp in Morakkoddanchenai was released recently. A house in front of Mariamman temple was included in the area relased. When a pit was excavated in this land, the pit had yielded these remains. The area people had expressed suspicion that more remains may there as an Army camp was in operation in this area.

People had complained to the Maxwell Paranagama Commission that youth who were arrested during 1990 and during the final war and taken to this camp had been made to disappear.

Police had isolated the area and had prohibited entry in to the area. Saying that the found remains may be that of the persons went missing after being taken to this camp, they had requested that wider inquiry be made on the matter.

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