Tamil Diplomat

I am ready to give the TULF to Wigneswaran : Ananthasangaree


If the Chief Minister of Northern Province Wigneswaran agrees, I am ready to give the Leadership of TULF to him, said the Secretary General of TULF, Ananthasangaree today.

Further he had also said that, he is prepared to give his post (Secretary) to any person the Chief Minister would point at.

Elaborating further he said:

After bringing former Justice Wigneswaran, who had gained esteem among the Tamil People and the country as a whole, into politics, it is not proper to get into conflict with him or speaking with aspersion of him or criticizing him in an unwanted manner.

Chief Minister Wigneswaran is a blessing bestowed on Tamil People. He is now trekking the same path which he had trekked while he was a Justice.

It is not a proper action to get into conflict with him instead of compounding the dissatisfaction about his actions by discussing with him, keeping his position in mind.

You can never accept, trying at full steam to grab back the responsibility given to the best person. No room could be given ever to such activities to be undertaken. I will be doing whatever possible to me to prevent such activities.

Further, if the Chief Minister of Northern Province agrees I am ever ready to make him the leader of the TULF. Likewise, I am ready to make anybody suggested by him, the Secretary of the Party, he had said.