Tamil Diplomat

‘I will be next PM’… Mahinda

Kurunegala UPFA candidate former President Mahinda Rajapakse has stated that he is certain he will be the next prime minister by UPFA winning majority seats. President Maithripala Sirisena will appoint him next prime minister. There will be no difficulty in both he and President Sirisena working together as both had worked together since 1970.

Mahinda Rajapakse made these observations during an interview with Adaderana. He went on that President’s address to the nation was in fact rejuvenation for the party. He stated that he has come forward to contest the poll following requests by the people.  After he retired to his home, hundreds of people, thousands of people came to him appealed to him to return to politics. Then there were rallies held seeking me to come back to politics. It was thereafter only he consented to contest polls.

He also stated that there is obviously a threat to country’s security and the economic program that we carried out has been stopped. Therefore, there is a need for him and his party to be elected to power.