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Idols of Amman Kovil Anuradhapura demolished by thugs, one hacked within sanctum sanctorum

The idols of Sri Muthumari Amman temple in Anuradhapura were demolished and desecrated by thugs who came in with knives and clubs. This incident has occurred on day before yesterday at 6 p.m.

The administrators of the Temple accused that people who came with knives and clubs carried out this attack.

A father of one child, Pirabu is the person who was hacked inside the sanctum sanctorum and currentle being treated in the Anuradhapura Hospital.

The Tamil  people who were living in Thissa wewa were expelled because that area was declared a Sacred Area. They were given alternate lands in Thevanampiya Thissapura. 520 Tamil families, 500 Muslim families and 1,200 sinhalese families are living in Thevanampiya Thissapura.

It was customary to celebrate Navarathri in this Anuradhapuram Sri Muthumari Amman temple. Temple built in 1992. Thus, arrangements were day before yesterday  to celebrate Navarathri Pooja. Grand arrangements were for “Fire walking”  and alms giving.

In this context, a bunch of 7 persons including Sinhalese, Muslims and a Tamil speaking Catholic entered the temple premises at around 5.30 p.m. and had committed this outrage, said the administrators of the Temple. They first destroyed the Karumari amman idol and then the Murugan Idol and desecrated all the pooia items that were there.

They hacked the youth who was on temple service right inside the Sanctorum. He is being treated in the Anuradhapura.

The Administrators further said that they are aware of the reason for this outrage.

It is also reported that a fear psychosis had set in among the Tamil families following the incident.