Tamil Diplomat

If IDPs in camps are expelled struggle will blast, President of Vali North Rehabilitation and Resettlement Society

If the people in the IDP camps are expelled without releasing their lands we will go into a massive  struggle.

Elaborating further he said that for the past few days government official who are visiting these Camps are telling the people that they have to close the camps within this month and that the people should get out of the camps within this month. There is no possibility of further lands being released. Hence you have to find lands somewhere else and we will undertake to provide necessary funds for that, they have said.

They say that arrangements are being made to release Myliddy. If that is so why people should be forced to go to other places? Resettlement will be complete only when the people go their own land. These types of  activities are give us , who relying greatly on the Good Governance, great pain of heart. Relevant officials should refrain from such activities he said.  They are urging us to struggles again.

The District Secretary of Jaffna, N. Vethanayagan on being contacted over the matter said that, the nobody asked the people to get out from the camps immediately. This is a false news. We told the people who do not have lands in the released areas, to find lands elsewhere and that we will provide funds for that. We are currently engaged in providing houses to people who have lands in the released areas and lands to people who do not have lands in the released areas. We are only putting into action this plan. No body need to get confused over this he said.