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If 11 TNA MPs don’t approve granting time to Sri Lanka, kick out the other 5 who are cheating the people, Gajendrakumar pungently challenges

If the 11 MPs of TNA don’t like granting more time to Sri Lanka, then, they should kick out the other five who supports granting time to Sri Lanka and thereby cheating the Tamil people out of the party, you cannot do any good to Tamil people by just signing memorandums, said Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, the Leader of the TNPF.

The Annual National Conference and the General Meeting of TNPF and the All Ceylon Tamil Congress was held yesterday, at Ilam Kalaignar Hall located at the Nallur Saddanathar Road Speaking there he further said,” When we said that the TNA Leadership is betraying the Tamil people, it has agreed to unitary state system,and they have decided to remove ‘Tamil Nationalism’ from Tamil politics, we were looked up as traitors. The situation has changed to a level where the whole Tamil  homeland  will accept our opinion.

Only TNPF is the only Organization which keeping alive ideal, existence and identity for which, hundreds of Thousands of people sacrificed their lives.

We were telling from 2012 that any resolution adopted in UN is a drama and it will not deliver justice to Tamil people.  It has been proved today. Ezhuka Thamizh is a real turning point. Our race achieve the gratification for Tamil Nation. No one, who want to destroy us, can destroy us.”

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