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If faults are pointed out, they say I’m a “ whistle blower politician” , says CM,NPC

I know that many are describing me as a “whistle blowing politician”. But I am neither a politician nor belong to any party, said Justice C.V. Wigneswaran, the CM, NPC.

Two or three people in political parties expect that others should be bound by the decisions taken by them. IF the faults in their decisions are pointed out they brand those people as “whistle blowing politicians”.

He said so, in the chief Guest’s address he delivered at the final day celebrations of the 125th Anniversary celebrations yesterday evening, held in the Kumarasamy hall of the College.

Certainly corruption is there. several people like parents who have lost their children and children who have lost their parents come daily seeking help from us. We endeavouring to make maximum of the meagre finances we get to the affected through some old officials who are unable get off their old practices of sucking the beneficiaries.

I am aware that most of you, who come from abroad are willing to help the hapless people in your motherland. Several barriers were put in our path by the former regime, when we tried to receive your fund and take it to the most needy. But the situation is little amicable. But the full approval had not been granted.

He insisted that educated should be elected in the forthcoming local government elections. Some expect us act in a an adhoc manner like the people who were in power earlier. You have spent much money in coming here to celebrate the 125th  anniversary of your Alma Mater, but I call upon you come here during the Local Government elections and play leading roles in making the educated being elected.

I was spending my time in spiritual, literature and law. They forcefully pulled me into politics. They made me to contest the election and the people elected me with unprecedented majority. I am confronted with immeasurable travails and anguishes suffered by the people who come on a daily basis to meet me.

This had made me bow to myself that I shall take all actions possible to me to help these people, going to any level for that. Hence I am not going to be worried about branded by such names in doing so.

Think about these things well. We will form the very best of local government bodies. The foundations for that had to be laid now. We all will get together to get the best of the solutions to our people, he said.