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If TPPs are not released, proper lesson will be taught to Maithri Government, NPC adopts resolution

Submitting an urgent resolution in yesterdays sitting of the house The NPC Minister P. Sathiyalingam  said that, The problem of the  Tamil Political Prisoners (TPPs)  who had been detained for long time, is an urgent and essential one.

It is a usual global tradition to grant General Amnesty to insurgents after the struggle is brought to an end by war or negotiations. JVP insurgents of the 1970 – 1980 era were granted general amnesty. Such a procedure was not adopted  for Tamils who engaged in a political struggle.

The good governance which came to power with the unanimous support of the Tamil people, must show signal of reconciliation to them by releasing the TPPs on a general amnesty without any conditions. There is no doubt that this will create a faith on the Good Governance and will be a foundation to the long voyage seeking a political solution.

Seconding the resolution, ruling party member Vinthan Kanagaratnam said that, we have no hope on the government releasing TPPs, before Nov.7th .We should get into the roads to protest. we should teach a godlessness to this government.

Another ruling party member Asmin said that, this government promised Geneva to revoke PTA. If that Act is revoked it will become the duty of the government to release these TPPs who were arrested under it. If they are not released a struggle should started and extended up to Colombo.