Tamil Diplomat

IGP calls for cooperation to ensure peace

Inspector General of Police N.K. Illangakoon has requested all the citizens, candidates, political party leaders to co-operate in their efforts to maintain peace during and after polls.

In a statement issued he said:

‘63,000 Police officers belonging to all grades had been deployed for today’s (17) Election, adding that they would be at polling stations, engaging in mobile patrols and anti-rioting engagements, manning road-blocks and also be at counting stations.

All necessary actions with regard to conducting a free and fair election have been taken by the Police. During the past few weeks, island-wide, the Police have taken actions against persons who have illegally displayed posters, cut-outs and banners by removing the unlawful propaganda and arresting the said individuals and producing them before Courts.

On the last date of submitting nominations and in the times surrounding the submission of nomination lists, several incidents of illegal marches and processions were reported in several areas. We immediately investigated them and took action to submit the matters to the Attorney General to take legal action. From the beginning, the Police directly enforced the law and because of this the number of election law violations and acts of election-related violence were kept at a low.’