Thursday 6 August 2020
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Illegal Fishing in Vadamaradchchi– 8 Southern fishermen ‘captured’ – police rescue them

Illegal Fishing in Vadamaradchchi– 8 Southern fishermen ‘captured’ – police rescue them

8 southern fishermen who were engaged in illegal fishing in Vadamaradchchi seas using banned purseine net and by dynamiting were rounded up and brought to shore, but the police had brushed off the opposition of the Vadamaradchchi fishermen and had rescued and taken away by force, the southern fishermen.

In  recent times, the transgression of out side Districts  had gone on an increasing trend. Particularly, the fishermen from other districts are engaging in banned fishing methods like, catching beach-de mer,  using purseine nets, using dynamite for fishing and trawler fishing. Although complaints were made to relevant officials and several protest were held and despite Fisheries Ministers verbal orders, the illegal fishing continued un-abated.

In this context, fishermen who were staging another protest noticed 3 boats engaged in illegal fishing and  rounded them up and brought the boats and 8 fishermen in them to shore. The Northern Director of the Department Fisheries and Aqua resources, had said he had not given any permit but the Director of Ministry of Fisheries had granted permits. There after the fishermen had demanded that the Director of Ministry of Fisheries should come to the spot.

Thereupon, police personnel from Point Pedro, Atchuvely, Valveddithurai, Nelliyady and Kankesanthurai were massed on the spot, but the fishermen refused to release the offenders and began putting up sheds for protest. The police had threatened them that they have taken photos and videos and that they bring all concerned to the courts.

Thereafter the police had rescued the southern fishermen by force after subduing the Vadamaradchchi fishermen.

It is notable that the Kankesanthurai ASP threatened the Vadamaradchi fishermen gestured  that he will cut their throats and send them up.

Vadamaradchchi– 8 Southern fishermen ‘captured’

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