Tamil Diplomat

Illegal sand miners in Confrontation with the Police in Vadamaradchchi

A confrontation occurred between illegal sand miners at near Puliyangan crematorium located in close proximity to Vadamaradchchi Vallipura Temple. On information received about the illegal mining, police had gone there. But their jeep got struck in the sand and only 2 police officers had gone near miners on foot. The sand miners had attempted to attack the police officers, and in the resulting melee the warning shots fired by the police had injured one person, a father of one child, Jeyasingam Tharsan of Thunnalai.

He had been admitted to Jaffna Teaching Hospital for further treatment.

When the men  of the special unit formed to combat the illegal sand mining went there, the illegal sand miners had attempted to attack the police and 2 police men were injured in this attack.and the shooting had followed.