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Illegal TV transmission – Former Minister’s establishment sealed on Court’s order

A TV transmission station alleged to be belonging to a former Minister located just in front of Jaffna EPDP office was sealed yesterday on orders from court for illegal transmissions. Several million worth of equipment were brought under the custody of CID, and a man supposed to be the owner of the establishment was arrested and released on bail of Rs.10 million.

Police filed a motion earlier requesting permission to take action against this establishment for illegal transmission without the License from Communication coordination group.

Following the submission of their report that, this establishment is continued to be locked and requesting permission to search the premises. A majority race person claiming to be the owner of the establishment appeared in court through his lawyer and following his non submission of license he was ordered to be released on two surety bails  worth Rs.10 million.

Later that day the CID and the Communication Coordinating Groups officers conducted search and captured several million worth of equipment.