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Implement the recommendations of UNHRC, the CM insists in the NPC session

Addressing the house and welcoming the report of the UNHRC, he said that this is the step in our search for the assurance of accountability in order to find solutions for the Institutionalized reasons for conflict, and reaching Truth, Justice, and reconciliation. This will be also our first step towards a new culture of respecting the Human Rights of all people.

“The Report had found that human rights violations and perpetration of crimes against humanity had been committed by all factions  who engaged in war. I welcome the report finding the need for a mechanism beyond internal Investigation.We also welcome the recommendations of the report regarding the Organizational and Institutional reorganizations justice, Truth and compensations.

While insisting the Sri Lankan Government to implement these recommendations through commencing transitional judicial activities, we also insist that the affected people be granted sufficient time, interval, and abilities to design an efficient part taking facilitating a meaningful achievement and the activities needed for Justice.” , he said.