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Inadequate Rains and farmers in difficulties

Farmers are encountering crisis in irrigating their lands as water levels in the Tanks in Kilinochchi have not increased. The 2nd biggest irrigation Tank in Kilinochchi District, Akkarayan was opened for irrigation while the water level was at 9’5”, for fertilization and insecticide spraying.

But as the water level has not increased, due to inadequate rains, irrigation activities are affected, said S.Kanagasabapathy, the president of the Nagathampiran Farmers Union, which is operating under Akkarayan Kulam.

As water in the tank is insufficient to irrigate all the fields, and due to the shortage of water, around 50 acres had been affected, he said.

Usually the water level around this time would be around 10’, but the level is below 10’

It is notable that generally the water level of all tanks in Kilinochchi had gone down.