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Incentives for Murungai Export in North: Hayley’s Limited issues 1Million plants

Action has been taken to encourage Murunkai Cultivation through issuing 1 million Murunkai plants in the North. Haley’s Multi National company is inaugurating this project in the North by issuing Murunkai plants to 0.1 million farmers. Through this project, tablets produced from the leaves and seeds  are expected to be exported.

It has been announce that the inaugural event will be held at the Navatkuli MV at 11 a.m. with theme of “ Grow Murunkai and move forward.”

A press release from the Haley’s Company describe their project thus:

“The Haley’s project for planting 1 Million Murunkai plants under the enhancement of the livelihood of one hundred thousand farmers starts today. Through this project surplus production in leaves and Murunkai  fruits,  over local consumption will be exported. One hundred thousand families in the 5 districts in the North will be issued with 10 plants each.

1,000 selected farmers will be issued with 10, 000 plants at the inaugural event at Navakuli MV today.

For a long time now North had been famous for Murunkai cultivation. By encouraging it their leaves and seed could be exported. pills made from Murunkai leaves and seeds are in big demand abroad.