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Increase the personal security of the CM, calls Mawai Senathyrasa

The leader of ITAK and the Secretary of TNA, Mawai Senathyrasa has insisted that in the context of life threats being leveled at the NPC CM, his personal security should be increased.

In a letter  written in this regard to the Leader of The opposition, Era Sampanthan, he has said that in a speech of the CM read in a recent book launch, he had mentioned about ” intrigue in the south to murder him” , “attempts to put the blame on LTTE” and “some Tamil politicians conniving with the plotters” .

If the CM thinks that he is in life-danger, that new, if any intrigue is there, it and if there are any attempt , that,  are very serious matters.

Hence, please inform this matter to President and the IGP. Full inquiry should be made and if it is found to be true, then, the perpetrators should be brought before the law.

Further the security of the CM, who is former Justice and current CM of NPC should be enhanced. I request that actions should be taken immediately on this matter, he had said in his letter.

Meanwhile it is notable that the Sri Lankan Army has announced that although it is not customary for the Army to give protection to politicians , they are prepared provide protection to the CM.