Thursday 6 August 2020
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India should exert pressure for NE Merger, Wigneswaran insist with India

India should exert pressure for NE Merger, Wigneswaran insist with India

The Northern Chief Minister has requested that India should exert pressure for the merger of North and East.

He has requested so while meeting the Indian Ambassador, Tharanjith Santhu in Colombo. Discussion had been held in this meeting regarding Development activities of the North, and handling livelihood moves.

After the CM insisted on the necessity of the merger  in this meeting held at the Indian Embassy the Ambassador had promised that he will study the consensus of the Indian Government on this matter.

Commenting on the meeting afterward the CM said that we have continued discussions regarding the Northern Provincial Council  for a long time. We discussed matters relevant to this.

Further we talked about KKS Harbour, Development of Palaly Air Port, Thoothukudi – Thalai Mannar ship service, 50,000 house scheme, funds for renovation of JMC Building, and the Myliddy Fisheries harbor.

The Ambassador had expressed his willingness for further talks on these matters., he said.

One thought on “India should exert pressure for NE Merger, Wigneswaran insist with India

  1. Dr C P Thiagarajah

    The chief minister is doing something good to the Tamil Nation. A traditional Homeland is the sure way to preserve the continuation of the Tamil race in Sri-Lanka. the Sinhalese will never give equal rights to the Tamils under a unitary constitution. See what they did to the Tamils all the time after gaining independence from the British. It was a case of trampling and ruining of the Tami’ls life and economy. It is only under amendment 13 that the Tamils got the CM posts. Racist Ex president Mahinda Rajapakse did not want to give it but the Indian government enforced it. After killing nearly 150000 innocent Tamil civilians in Mullivaikal in May 2009 the world remained passive and did not act to investigate the holocaust against the Tamils. Embolden by this the Sinhalese had started to run wild claiming supremacy of the Sinhala race and claiming all Sri-Lanka for themselves.

    The TNA MPs are also not intelligent enough to see the moves of the Sinhalese who want to enact another constitution with Buddhism as state religion and a unitary constitution that will allow them to colonise North and East without any hesitation citing the new constitution. The only safeguard for the Tamils is a federal constitution with UNHRC gurantee that the federal constitution cannot be repealed by the Sri-Lankan parliament. The reason for such a guarantee is the war crimes committed against the Tamils in May 2009 at Mullivaikal. If an International Inquiry is held into the War crimes of the last war is carried out all the mindset of the racist Sinhalese will be elicited-Even now the world can see that the entire Vanni was scorched by the Sinhala army in order to arrest/kill the LTTE. Is there a rationale behind this military strategy. It is utter madness to erase entire Vanni to kill a few terrorists-. Then the world will realise that the Tamils have to be given a homeland in order to protect them to continue living as democratic citizens of the world. This is a basic human rights demand.


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