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India will help in the development of the North: says Indian Deputy Consul

The Indian Deputy Consul, Arumugan Nadarajan  said in Jaffna that India will help in the Economic Development of the northern Province. He was speaking in an event organized to hand over award to Self employed entrepreneur of the Northern Province, organized jointly by the Northern Province Federation of Commercial Industries and National Entrepreneurs Authority at Green Grass Hotel Jaffna.

The CM, NPC, C.V.Wigneswaran  was Chief Guest and the Secretary to the Governor, Elangovan  participated as the Guest of Honour.

The Indian consul further said that, he is very happy to see self employed entrepreneurs contributing to the Northern Economy and that India will be ever helpful in the Economic Development of the North.

It is organized for the investors from India to come here next year and you could market your produce in India. Action will also be taken to bring milking cows from India and the Madurai Jasmin plants will be planted here, he said.