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India wished more power for North and East, says former Indian Minister Sithambaram, in Jaffna

India wanted North and East be given more power. The Indo-Lanka agreement was proposed in a way facilitating this, said P.Sithambaram, a former Finance Minister of India and a Congress party member.

He was on a private visit to Colombo and he made short visit to Jaffna yesterday, and had a 30 minutes meeting with CM, C.V.Wigneswaran.

CM informed the media after the meeting that he made Mr. Sithampram aware also more powers were allocated in the agreement, less powers were granted to Provincial Council with the government taking away several powers.

He also said that, Mr. Sithambaram expressed hope that, after the adoption of the Geneva resolution the relation between the Central and Provincial governments will improve.

Mr.Sithamparam , after speaking to the CM, met the press and in that meeting he had praised the CM as a personality  with much knowledge and Composure and view of the peaceful situation now we will do everything possible to help the people.