Tamil Diplomat

Indian Embassy not invited

Although the Colombo Kankedsanthurai train service was officially inaugurated, the Indian Embassy was not invited for the function, said the Indian Embassy circles. The train service from Colombo to Kankesanthurai was inaugurated yesterday ceremonially.

KKS railHowever, no invitation for, or the notification of the opening of the services, was not received by the Ambassador or the Deputy High Commission, the embassy circles said. After the end of the war in 2009, the Indian government had accepted and undertaken the construction of the railway lines from Vavuniya to Kankeseanthurai. Indian Government had spent several millions of rupees for the renovation of the railway lines.  It was informed that President Mahinda Rajapakse will be inaugurating this service, but as his arrival was delayed, Ministers Douglas Devananda and  Kumar Wegama officially inaugurated the service.