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Indian Fisher men destroy nets of Mannar Fishermen , 4Million lost, Mannar Fishermen

Fishing nets said by Fishermen of Thalvupadu Mannar have been destroyed by Indian Fishermen and the they have robbed large amounts of the nets of Mannar Fishermen. Our livelihood is affected, said the Thalvupadu Fishermen who staged a protest yesterday refraining from fishing.

On the 14th, Monday we went to sea and laid our as usual. But when we went in the following morning to collect fish our nets were not where left them. But at some distance from where we laid the nets, the Indian fishermen were loading our nets into their boats. Although we identified that those are our nets, they did give it to us.

They have taken away nets belonging to 15 boats and worth about  4 Million. Following these fishermen returning from sea other fishermen had gone in search of them and rescued the fishermen and whatever nets that were left in the sea.

NPC Member Kunaseelan went to the beach and met the fishermen, they requested him to take action to  compensate the fishermen adequately.