Monday 27 May 2019
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Indian Team inspects site for Pooneryn Tank

Indian Team inspects site for Pooneryn Tank

A team from India has visited the site for the Pooneryn Tank , accompanied b y Kilinochchi Deputy Director of Irrigation,  S. Suthakaran.

A scheme for constructing a larger tank integrating smaller tank in the area had been drafted earlier.

The said scheme had been drafted to cost around 700 million, and the Indian team has asked about project. They were given a discourse on the scheme and on their request a trip was arranged to Poonery, said the Kilinochchi District Secretary, day before yesterday.

Accordingly, the Indian team made a visit to the site of the tank accompanied by the Deputy Director, S.Suthakaran. There also they were given explanations regarding the project.

The farmers there had said that if this project is completed their problems in obtaining water for drinking and irrigation would be solved. They also said residents of the area are living elsewhere due to lack of drinking water and the available water getting saline.

It is notable that this matter was also discussed in special DDC meeting  held presided by the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe.

Indian Team inspects site for Pooneryn Tank 1

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