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Indian trawler and 8 fishermen brought to shore and handed over to authorities

When the Mullaitheevu Fishermen were going to sea during early morning yesterday , an Indian Trawler crashed against one of their boats heavy damaging it. With much difficulties the damaged boat was brought to the shore while the crew, who were swimming in the sea were rescued by the other fishermen. The fishermen who were brought to the shore said that, 60 of their nets were lost at the sea.

Following the incident the Indian Trawler involved in the incident and 8 crew members were brought to Mullaitheevu shore by Mullaitheevu fishermen.

Later, when the The Mullaitheevu District Secretary, the Secretary to Karaithuraipattu and the NPC member Raviharan reached the spot, the Mullaitheevu fishermen demanded for compensations and handed over the Indian fishermen and the trawler to the authorities. It is also notable that Police army personnel were present at the spot. The Indian fishermen and their Trawler were handed over to the police.