Tamil Diplomat

Indian Trawlers transgress into Vadamaradchchi Seas, several hundred thousands worth of nets of local fishermen destroyed

The Indian Trawlers transgressed within 6Km. from the shores of Mathagal yesterday have destroyed several Thousands worth of nets of Mathagal Fishermen.

Commenting on this the affected fishermen said that their vocational capitals are being damaged not only yesterday but for the several past years.

Even yesterday several hundred thousands worth of nets belonging to 19 of us have been destroyed by the Indian trawlers. Although we have complained about the destruction of our assets to the Navy and relevant Officials no solutions have been delivered.

We are engaging in fishing amidst much difficulties. Our Livelihood has been severely affected. we are afraid that we may be compelled to abandon our fishing at some point.

Hence, we request relevant officials to intervene and deliver us with appropriate solutions, they said.