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Infected waste incinerator commences operation at Jaffna Teaching Hospital

For the first time in Jaffna, an infected waste Incinerator brought the Jaffna District for the first time was fitted at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, and commenced its operation yesterday.

The Ministry of Health had imported this machine which could incinerate waste at a temperature of 200Celsius, from America at a cost of 7 million rupees. This machine has a capacity of incinerating 30 kgs. of waste in half an hour.

The wastes removed from human body during operations and from diabetes patients and other wastes could be incinerated in this machine without any damage to environment. Earlier these were cold-storaged and removed by a contractor to other districts and burned there four times a month, at a cost of Rs.100,000/= per time.Only infected waste are incinerated in this. Other non-ineffective wastes are disposed by simply burning them or disposed by other methods.