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Interim injunction on disseision of Pallimunai lands in Mannar

An interim injunction has been delivered banning of all projects that could be undertaken in the 25-house Scheme in Pallimunai, Mannar, currently occupied by the Navy.

The interim injunction had been delivered by Mannar District Court Judge, A.G. Alex Rajah,in a conjunction where the said land was to surveyed to be acquired by the Navy.

The Navy, which is currently occupying land had initiated activities to rob the land for themselves. Several  surveying attempts earlier were countered by the strong opposition from the people.

Last Monday, 19 persons who own lands in the said scheme had filed a case requesting for interim injunction banning surveying of the land. As the earlier case had been dragged on  due the OICs of the Navy camps being suddenly transferred and the names of the OIC cited as respondent changing all the time.

The Judge, Alex Rajah had ordered that both parties should not undertake any project activities.