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Interim Injunction on Karaithuraipattu: Puthukudiyiruppu Elections for the 3rd time

At  a time when all arrangements had been concluded, the elections for Karaithuraipattu – Puthukkudiyiruppu  Pradesha Sabas were postponed for the third time by the interim injunction issued by Supreme  Court, following a plea of violation of human Rights and Election laws, sending around Rs.5 Million already spent by the Election Department, down the drain.

The facts submitted in support of the plea is that, voters list of 2011 is to be used for this elections and the basic human rights of a person who was under-age in 2011  is violated as that person is qualified  to  contest and vote in the election. The injunction will be in force till 27th March.

Following injunction  all arrangement for the elections were cancelled and withdrawn .