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Internal mechanism not wanted – International mechanism wanted: Three parties of TNA demand

Three constituent Parties of TNA except IATK, had issued a joint media statement demanding international mechanism in order to obtain just solution  for the war crimes and Human Rights Violation perpetrated in the country and stating that they reject internal Mechanism completely.

Following the conclusion of the elections these parties had conferred together twice in Colombo to discuss future plans.

But, Sivajilingam said that nothing about operating separately was talked in these meetings.

In the second meeting, 6 people including Selvam Adaikalanathan and Sivajilingam participated on behalf of TELO, Five including Suresh Premachandran  and Sivasakthi Ananthan for EPRLF and two including Sitharthan for PLOTE, participated.

Sitharthan said that the IATK was not invited because of the conflict of ideas with them.

Meanwhile, M.K. Shivajilingam, TELO’s national organiser, said to an Indian media that the three parties did not trust in the domestic mechanism in view of past experiences.

He recalled that the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons constituted in February 2007 to go into certain instances of human rights violations that took place since August 1, 2005, could not complete its task.

He added that there were ways to circumvent the legal restriction in calling for a global probe mechanism, given Sri Lanka is not a signatory to the Statute of Rome.

The TELO national organiser said the three parties would have a meeting with the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi, the main constituent party, on this matter.

To a query about the controversy over the nomination of persons as Members of Parliament through the national list, Mr. Shivajilingam replied that “it is a settled matter. There is no point in discussing it.”

Asked why the three parties met without the ITAK, he said it was felt to arrive at a consensus among them on the issues discussed before pursuing them with the ITAK.