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International Community’s Chess Game in Sri Lanka and the parliamentary election in 2015

International Community’s Chess Game in Sri Lanka and the parliamentary election in 2015

By:  L.Vijayanathan

nam-members-300x163During the post-world war-2 period, countries located in the Indian Sub- Continent Region  did not get entangled in the grips of super powers, but took up non-aligned policy and aligned themselves with the other countries of the Sub-Continent Region and formed themselves into  Non- Aligned Movement. Thus Sri Lanka also, became a member of this Non Aligned Movement accepting its policies. Although it feigned to adhere to non aligned policies, by the tail end of 1970s, its actions were somewhat pro-super powers. Especially it had acted pro-Western countries. The main reason for this is the geo-political changes centering on Indian Ocean and the armed struggle created by its impact on the ethnic problem of Sri Lanka. This Pro Western stance extended until the LTTE was defeated completely by war in 2009.

spread-of-buddhism-map-copyright-buddhanet-TN1000-300x246But the war victory in 2009, caused massive changes in the minds of Sinhala Buddhist chauvinist leaders, which were driven by the Mahavamsa indoctrination over the time. As a result of this, activities to transform the island of Sri Lanka into a complete Buddhist Sinhala Country were expedited. The western world led by America, India, and China are the three forces that determined the Geo-politics of Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka excluded those forces which were instrumental in their war victory and joined hands with the Buddhist country of China which would help happily to protect and expand their basic objective, the Buddhism. This policy alteration of the Sinhala rulers pushed the Indian Ocean region which was already in a competitive condition towards boiling point.  .

Ranil-Maithri-Chandrila-1-300x197As a consequence to this, today’s Sri Lanka has been converted into an arena of the super powers. Whoever in favour of the winning power will become the rulers of Sri Lanka. Thus the forthcoming Parliamentary Election is an extension of the regime change caused through the Presidnt’s election by the Western world on January 8th. The recent address of President Maithri, demonstrates that the team of Ranil-Maithri-Chandrika which is acting with the support of Western World led by America, is continuing in a good form in this Chess game.

That means that, whichever the force behind the President’s regime Change, is also behind the fall of the LTTE. Their objective is not solely causing a regime change in Sri Lanka. Sweeping away from the politics of Sri Lanka, the same rulers whom they used to destroy LTTE, because of their current Geo Political dependency and  activities, is their another aim.

Their purpose is to bringing the sharpened ethnic divide in Sri Lanka to an end and establishing a sustainable peace with their interests in view. They expect that racism must be completely eradicated not only from the rulers but also from the public.

z_sup3Only in 1994, in the history of Sri Lanka, a Sinhalese political leader (Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaranathunga ) overtly declared instead of usual Racism,  that, Tamil people had problem and that she is going to solve it after coming to power and won by 62% votes. But she excluded the golden chance available then, followed the footsteps of those who preceded her, acted with pride, and   increased further the ethnic conflict.

Then, Chandrika accepted the problems of Tamil people, insisted peace, and won the elections. But after the war victory of the Sinhala Nation, there is no likelihood in the present context, to place a demand like that and win the elections. As an alternative, these countries had planned to bring the ethnic conflict to an end, by showing that racism had been trounced through making the people who are spewing racism to lose.

628x471-300x192The Intelligence organizations of these countries are implementing this with the best planning. A big fish called Mahindha had been made to fall into the net of this plan. The bait of Prime Minister’s seat was dangled in front of  Mahindha Rajapakse, who had been lying spent,  had been pulled again into vigourous racist politics. Fearing that Mahindha who was contemplating to go into vigourous politics, might rally the extremist racists , form a strong alliance and start operating on his own, and  to prevent that, he had been given a ticket to contest the election without giving him the status of Chief Candidate. At the same time Mahindha’s companions also had been given candidatures.

sri-lanka-president-maithripala-sirisena-300x173Through this Mahindha and his loyalist are curbed by President Maithri, who is serving as the Leader of the UPFA party. In order that those who have labored for Maithri’s victory should not be affected, they had been offered a chance of competing in the election, in the name of United National People’s Front for good governance led by the UNP. By this strategy, the chance of UNP obtaining the 2/3 majority without the support of the SLFP is avoided and the National Government that was expected to be formed after the elections had been made possible. The special address of President Maithripala Sirisena also indicated this.

As Maithri is also the leader of the party, Mahindha will not get even the post of Opposition Leader. Mahindha who polled 5.8 million votes in last Presidential Election will be reduced to be just an ordinary MP polling around 0.5 million votes. Little by little the investigation into the frauds and corruption of Rajapakses will be speeded up and a full stop will be placed for their politics. Even before Rajapakse realize this trick and recover his balance, political events had concluded closing all escape routes for him. Especially, the Nominations were handed over.

At a time when the International Community is endeavouring to transform Sri Lanka into an island with sustained peace, the TNA which boasts about being the main political party of the Tamils, is not in possession of a clear political policy on the matter of final solution and is adhering to somewhat a wavering policy stance. This is a very dangerous activity. When the International Community is acting with their interests in the fore, if we fail to put forward correct policies and principles with regard to the matter of solution for us, there will be a danger of our interests being assimilated into their interests.

21_March_2014_GPC_06-227x300Although the Tamil National People’s Front is working with a clear principle of “ Two Nations – One Country”, the lack of parliamentary representation for it, had made its voice reaching the ears of the international community very difficult. TNPF being formed in a period sans LTTE is also a reason for this. In this context, the personality of a lone man, Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam , the ratification given to him by the leadership of the LTTE and the clear cut policies of the party, had created considerable influence among educated people.

On the other hand similar to the ADMK is still having a vote bank based on the name of the leader called MGR, the TNA is also having to date, the vote bank based on, it being the Agency for LTTE or a party which obtained their covert ratification. However, considerable number of Tamil people had been led to the brink of frustration due to the TNA’s vague political voyage, its recent activities to strengthen internationally the Sinhala rulers, and its same old wailings that the rulers had swindled them.

kili_arpadam_004-300x199In this context,   rather than increasing the number of parliamentary seats, it is the duty of the Tamil people in this election,  is to analyze who is fighting for our people, with what policy they are fighting, how are their diplomatic activities, whether they would turncoat after the elections and select the correct people from these two parties and send them to the parliament. This will pave the way for us to smash all challenges and go forward.

tna-press-400-seithy-300x213Without doing this, increasing the number of TNA members from 15 to 22 will not deliver any benefit or strength to Tamil people. By increasing their members , the TNA with its vague politics is not going to increase its bargaining power or form the government or sit as the Opposition Party. On the contrary,  the blind voting of Tamil people, towards the TNA will be an approval given to the attempts to mortgage Tamil Nationalism into Sinhala Nationalism and it will further help to strengthen the self centered activities of people undertaking selfish politics of safeguarding the leadership, excluding a joint and institutionalized  procedure.

appapillai-amirthalingam1-300x225In 1977 Parliamentary election the TULF scored an unprecedented victory, in the North and East, acquired the status of main Opposition Party and the Opposition Leader (Amirthalingam) post, but what did they achieve in Parliament  for the Tamil people? On the contrary, the constitution of Sri Lanka was amended into an Executive Presidential system with Buddhism given the status of prime religion. Hence we should not think about how many members we are sending to the Parliament, but, what type of members we should elect to the Parliament and cast our votes. Through that only we can move towards victory in the diplomatic war that is in progress now.

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