Wednesday 26 February 2020
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International Pressure needed for stopping threats: insists TPC

International Pressure needed for stopping threats: insists TPC

The Tamil People’s Council has insisted that International Community should exert pressure to stop continuing threats on Human Rights Activists in the Homelands of Tamils.

TPC has issued a media issue on the matter yesterday.

TPC is strongly condemn the threats leveled against Rev. Fr. Ezhilrajan, the president of constituent organization of the TPC, Tamil Civil Society Federation, who is a long term Human Rights Activist and one of those who had organized Muliwaikkal Commemoration.

He had been threatened several times earlier and he had been called thrice after the commemoration for inquiries. Not only him but his parents also had been threatened.

TPC is much concerned about this worst oppression of the right to commemorate, especially the threat against the aged parents of the Rev.

Continuous threats of military intelligence operatives on organizers of Commemorations, people participated in them and their families shows that such commemorations have to be coordinated in the future. We bring these threats to the attention of the International community, said the release.

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