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Intrigue in the south to murder me, and  put the blame on LTTE,  NPC CM reveals a shocking news

NPC CM announced publicly that a plot is being hatched in the south and put the blame of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

He was scheduled to deliver a guest address at the book launch of Senior political Analyst M.Thirunavukkarasu held at Jaffna Saraswathy hall yesterday. But, as he was indisposed he had sent a prepared speech to be read by the organizers. He had revealed the above shocking information in this speech.

Time is ripe for Tamils to unite by the Language and without any discrimination of North, East, hill country and Colombo and fight for their rights. Although, intermittently, Pro-left Sinhalese leaders put out positions favouring us, we have the unfortunate situation of them changing their stance and aligning with racists to commit genocide against Tamils.

The efforts of all the governments are directed towards making this Island to belong to only Sinhalese People. We can only get whatever they will give. Incident up to now indicate this. The Mulliwaikkal tribulations   should teach the Tamil people, the same lessons which Hitler’s Holocaust taught the Jews about liberation, he had said.