Saturday 19 October 2019
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Iranaitheevu people make a “Landing “ in Iranaitheevu, decide to continue their struggle there

Iranaitheevu people make a “Landing “ in Iranaitheevu, decide to continue their struggle there

The Iranaitheevu people who were engaged in a struggle for more than a year demanding that their lands in Iranaitheevu be released to them had changed their form of struggle by Landing in Iranaitheevu by boats and have decided to stay in the island and continue their struggle. People of Iranaitheevu were expelled in 1992 and they were settled in Iranai Matha  Nagar.

After the war, they started demanding that their lands be released to them. But in a context where the island is under control of the Navy, their demand was not met. They made requests in vain to the Politicians to solve their problem. Although this problem was taken up in CC meeting no concrete action was taken to fulfill their request.

They went in around 50 boats flying white flags and landed in the island at around 10.00 a.m. The Navy did not stop them. The Organization for the Social and Economic Development of Mannar provided the support for their struggle.

The Navy spoke to the people and requested them to take any action after consulting the higher officers. The people who did not agree with them had decided that 400 families will stay in the Island and continue their 1 year old struggle. They have also bowed not to budge from the island, until a favourable answer is received from the District Secretary/Divisional Secretary or from the Ministry of Defence.

A situation has formed where our resources will be taken away from us. An urgent need has arisen to maintain our resources and to develop our livelihood they said. They are continuing their struggle among food and water shortages, it was learnt.

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