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Iranamadu tank drying up, crisis in providing drinking water, says the Water supply & drainage Board

The District Engineer of Kilinochchi District Water Supply and Drainage Board , N.Navaruban said yesterday that a crisis is experienced in the Pipe Borne water supply to 17 Grama Niladhari Divisions.

Water is brought down from Iranamadu Tank to Kilinochchi tank and water obtained from there is purified and supplied to 17 Grama Niladhari Divisions through pipes and through water Tanks to several other villages.

However, as the water level in Iranamdu has gone down below 9’ a crisis situation is experienced in the above water supply. In view of this water supply is made every other day. Earlier 700 M3 were obtained and purified. Now only 350 M3 is purified. If the drought prevails further water supply will be made every third day.

As the water had hit the rock bottom purified water has some muddy smell and request the people to boil the water before using it, he said.