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Is the neutrality followed by Chief Minister correct?


With only two weeks remaining for the parliamentary election in Sri Lanka, it can be observed that all the political parties and its candidates are functioning very busy keeping themselves and their party in the forefront of the campaign. Almost all the parties have released their manifesto and now the arguments against each other manifesto are picking up speed with hot responses.

Tamil National Alliance has a goal of capturing 20 seats and want to gain bargaining power. For this they have chosen the path of finding political solution to Tamil people issues and they also find the current election stage to be challenging and with crisis. There are no indications of a kind of people wave seen during the last Northern Provincial Council election. Hence they are put in a compulsory situation to woo voters by releasing attractive election manifesto in which they also support for federal-based solution for solving issues of people. TNA was hesitating to use the words of Tamil nationalism and Federal-based solutions in the past, and now all political commentators and all people know that this strategy of TNA is to get more votes from people and to manage any criticism from their opponents.


But TNA has found the above not enough and they had other plans such as bringing a mass leader who is trusted among people such as the Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wignewaran to appear on the campaign meeting stages to give speech, there my creating a people wave in support of TNA. But the Northern province Chief Minister has evaded all these plans of TNA and also issued a report from his side related to the election in the middle of last week which has shocked many including TNA and its supporters. He said in his released report that he is going to be non-partisan this time and he is not going to support any specific candidate or party.

He also further requested people to vote with their own conscience and choose the candidates who can dedicate themselves to provide services to Tamil people. The fact that he has not supported specifically TNA or its candidates would definitely caused disappointment to the TNA team and there is no doubt about that.

In the political circles, his report has caused some disturbances. Is it right whether C.V.Wignewaran who contested in the previous election as a representative of Tamil National Alliance, and then became Chief Minister not to support TNA specifically and saying it to people to elect a suitable candidate? Will it not create a negative trend for TNA and positive situation for the opponent parties? Whatever be the case, is it not his fundamental duty to support the party that he belongs to? Why he did like that? There are so many questions like this arising.

We can not consider that Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran would have taken this decision just like that or superficially. He was a former judge, honest politician and usually he weigh several things before making his points heard by others. However his report need to be analyzed only in the angle of why he took such a decision.

TNA leader Sampanthan had made C.V. Wignewaran as Northern Province Chief Minister against several oppositions and differences within and outside his party against nomination. But in the very short time of becoming Chief Minister, C.V. Wignewaran who generally practices soft approach started following hard approaches based on the sentiments of people. Because of this TNA members and leaders also have liked his approach till the time Mahnida was the President at the centre, and after this January when change in president had happened, they started giving their conflicting reports and criticism on his functioning. They feared that his approach would become a deterrent to the favourable politics practiced with UNP.

There were differences between two major leaders of TNA and him starting on 10th January in a specially arranged dinner held at UNP party member who is significant. This was arranged specifically congratulating the newly appointed Prime Minister Ranil. Later there were reports that Ranil said that he never met Wigneswaran after he became Chief Minister and said that he is a liar. But during that time, these two TNA major leaders have not objected on this with Ranil and kept their silence. Because of this, it is said that Wigneswaran also got angry that his own TNA party leaders have left him, not supporting.


After this, when Prime Minister visited Jaffna region, he completely ignored Northern province members. Knowing all these things also, many of the Jaffna district parliamentarians other than Siritharan have attended the functions organized by the Prime Minister and also provided their support to those functions. These activities has also created a cautionary note with Chief Minister, not agreeing with their functioning in this manner.

Also there was another chaos recently that United National Party government had supplied a huge sum of money to parliament members of TNA for development activities ignoring the Northern provincial council. This controversies also increased the gap between Northern Province Chief Minister and the TNA parliament members.

As per the trusted news sources, it seems TNA has sent its initial draft election manifesto to Northern Province chief minister for name sake and has not taken into account many of suggestions expressed by him. This kind of totalitarian approach by other TNA leaders would also be a cause for his decision taken last week.

Moreover the Chief Minister C.V. Vigneswaran has a firm view that the leader in a position such as Chief Minister to be non-partisan. Hence he knows that he can’t ask people to only vote for TNA, but at the same time he can’t ask for votes to everyone. Because of this only, he took his stand of non-partisan based approach in this parliamentary election and this does not seem to be wrong in any way.