Tamil Diplomat

Is this a dangerous period to Tamils?

L. Vijayanathan

In the conjuncture of 23 days passing from the takeover of Maithri’s government, only 77 days are left in its voyage towards change. When evaluating the political field situation, it is very clearly visible that it is not feasible to implement this promised project within its deadline and that there is a need for calling for extension of the dead line.

2It seems that several years will be needed for this government to weed away the weeds that have established themselves in the state Administration Sectors, as a result of the 10 years rule of the Rajapakses and put everything in order.

Meanwhile, in the fear that Rajapakses might raise their heads again and try to capture the power, Maithri’s government had put into gear, propaganda and legal actions against them.

The number of ministers is swelling on a daily basis. At the same time, the inner conflicts of the Maithri’s government have started to surface out slowly. This could be seen from the opinion stated by Harin Fernando who had recently taken over as the Chief Minister of Uva   province. He had poured out his heart that, in reality change of rule had not taken place and ‘betel leaf’ is continuing to hold the majority in the parliament.

 Among all these, the Sinhala state is gasping in the inner political confusions created by its desire to some wise pass the 19th amendment and lead the rule of the alliance further in the next general election. This is in one way advantages to its short term external political moves. India and the western world like the regime change to be stable.

Moves are being already staged, centering on the forthcoming Geneva Human Rights sessions, in order to provide the necessary time and economic advantages. The visit to India of the Minister of External Affairs, Mangala Samaraweera and his meetings, forms a part of this. We could discern the trend of the International community insistings expressed by all, from Asok Metha, a former commander of IPKF, in an article to the Hindu daily, to the former American Ambassador Derisdas Kauar, in his article about the Geneva resolution, that the new government should be given adequate Time.

The self- profiting politics of Muslim Congress   

On the other side the Muslim congress, true to its form, of its root political doctrine of,  “make the best of a bad job” had amassed it desires by way of ministries state ministries leading positions in Administrative sector etc. along with Eastern provincial government , and ministries.3

They are trying bury people’s welfare and rights altogether in deep holes and grow through votes of innocent Muslim people, a dangerous and poisonous politics “What and What post we have found for whom and whom” This will not be a healthy  political trend for the Muslim community. As far as North and East is concerned, it will be much helpful to attain complete freedom if the Tamil speaking people would always get together in action. The last Presidential election is a good example.

Tamil hegemonies are abusing each other because of personal enmity without thinking how to manipulate the opened battlefront, to make it advantageous to them. Here, some innocent people who are loved by Tamil people, being ignorant of how others are manipulating them to suit their political agenda, subjecting themselves and the people around them to dissatisfaction, confuse the people who have elected them and finally in a stage of being rendered political orphans.

Necessity for a coordinated action

During the Geneva Human Rights sessions, held last years, a healthy political culture developed among the Diaspora. At that time the Tamil Human rights activists and Organizations among the Diaspora, set aside the differences among them, took upon an approach with mutual trust and coordination, which could strengthen the action plan of the Tamil people towards the Geneva Human Rights sessions. More than ever, if the activists at home, in the Diaspora and in Tamil Nadu will take up such coordinated political programmes not only during Geneva sessions but also during other circumstances that world lead to the success of the liberation struggle of Eelam Tamils, who are subjected to influence of geopolitics.

6If we ruminate, how our enemy adhered to the doctrine of “unity in diversity, to crush, the liberation struggle, will help to self refine ourselves. We could create among ourselves, the awareness that same enemy is in the throne, currently.

The year 2001 when the leader of the then Sri Lanka Freedom party, Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaranatuga was reigning as the President, southern Sri Lanka people wanted a change and the current Prime minister, Rani Wickremasinghe captured the power, as the then Prime minister. The political change occurred then, was the first and the last power struggle between executive power and the parliament in the history of Sri Lanka. During that period there existed a strong rule of Tamils in the North and Eastern Sri Lanka which had evolved through 30 years of, stage by stage growth, with Tri forces, to the utter astonishment of the world. Also at that time the Tsunami which shook the whole world caused to the Tamil Nation, gargantuan destruction. But, in a short time, to the amazement of the whole world, and with a high level efficiently, that nation rose up.

Peace Trap and Security Net work   

But that strong Nation was trapped into the International collusion under the guise of peace Negotiation, by the cunningness of then and current Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe. On the other side, using her presidential powers, Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaranatunga sniped off the few advantages that could  had been reaped by the Tamil Nation, through the cease fire agreement, under the guise of sovereignty. The negotiations prolonged but the High security zone was intact.


The power the SeaTigers had was nullified. Arms ships of the Tigers were sunk. Then only the Tamil Nation realized that it had got caught into a big trap. As a means of getting out of this, Tigers tried to accept Tsunami structure (PTOMS) with nothing in it. The JVP made it defunct through the racialised judicial system. Tigers under took a political move of bringing Rajapakse to power, not because they under estimated him but as strategy getting out the Ranil – led international collusion. But Tigers were unable to get out of the International security net work knitted by Ranil Wicknemasinghe.

In this conjuncture, Rajapakse with the help of 24 states, staged the genocide of Tamils . These Rajapakses were honoured with honorary doctorates by one of the leading universities, Colombo University and were made heroes of the Sinhala state. But consequently they became the dictators of the Sinhala state, and finally driven away by the people seeking change.

Diplomatic Battle front opened

Up to date the Tamil people were being crippled, subjected to persecution, sexual atrocities going missing and confronted with instuitionalised genocide. Currently a breathing space and opening of a very dangerous diplomatic battle front had been facilitated through the regime change, which occurred very recently. Particularly, in his parliamentary speech and in the interview granted to the Times of India, the new Prime Minister Ranil wickramasinghe had stated that, the solution for the Tamil people will be within the unitary state and that the 13th amendment without the police powers will be the solution for the ethnic problem. It is very disheartening that no Tamil leader has condemned this, and this raise questions about their political activities. when the enemy, expresses  opinions overtly at important places and at important times, those opinions should be rejected immediately and it should have been pointed out that the aspirations of Tamil people will not be fulfilled within unitary state and that devolution of power is only for Tamil people, not for the provinces .

There is no danger until the opposition speaks about ethnic problem. But when they start talking about it The Tamil side should be vigilant. It should be remembered that, this regime which insist to accept portfolios, is the same regime that had told the TNA who is endeavouring to form the government in the East that it is not going to intervene, but later, had come forward to support the Muslim congress. The only programme that had been completed promptly and completely among the 100 – day  program, is the giving back of all the medals and stars through granting general amnesty to Gen. Sarath Fonseka, the hero of the Genocide perpetrated on Tamils. From this it could be seen that, to what level this government will give priority to the interest of the Sinhala state. When the war ended in 2009, under the dictatorial rule of the Rajapakses, the struggles of Tamil people were stagnated. Now the battle front is opened. While there are opportunities to put up a struggle, dangers also are present. Here the weapon is your knowledge. Not guns. Hence in order take up the fight all the people should be empowered (Knowledge wise) at all levels. Whenever the opportunities are available, short term objectives like, release of prisoners, bringing separated kinds together, re-settlement, expelling the army, empowering the people through building up economical structures should be achieved through formation of groups of efficient experts. Particularly projects should be under taken to resettle the Elam refugees who have sought refuge in India with adequate housing facilities. The strength that was lost in the Eastern province earlier could be regained by the Tamil people. At the same time, it should seen that the representation of the Tamil and Muslim living in Sri Lanka will not be affected by the intended electorate based Election process to be effected through political reorganization.

7There is an immediate need for Tamil people to begin their diplomatic moves towards their objective in the island of Sri Lanka and in the International arena, speedily and vigilantly, being careful, not to fall into the pitfall of 13th amendment devised by India. This entails Good consultations among Tamil people. The political approach suitable to the current period for achieving the aspirations of the Tamil Nation, is to rally round Muslim people who raise their voices for their rights, rather than relying on Muslim parties which are advancing privilege politics. Meanwhile the media freedom blooming slowly now should be utilized, to undertake programmers to nullify the illusion of war victory prevailing among the Sinhala masses, through making them aware of the truth about how this war was conducted and that in reality, this is not victory but a genocide. This will fulfill our aspirations by the introduction of the interests of the Tamil people into the changing scenario of inter- national interests of the countries. It will also enhance the possibility of getting a final solution.