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Islamists lose Benghazi district to Haftar’s forces

Jihadist fighters in Libya have lost one of their last remaining strongholds in the country’s second city. Forces loyal to the military leader, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, said they had driven local Islamist militias out of the Ganfouda district of Benghazi.

The area had been under siege for months and saw some of the worst fighting over control of the city. Some fighters were affiliated to the Islamic State group or Al Qaeda. The besieged district, nine miles west of the city centre, has been largely cut-off from the rest of Benghazi in blockades setup by Field Marshal Haftar’s forces.

His forces are not being recognised by Libya’s UN-backed government. The spokesman for Field Marshal Haftar’s forces – known as the Eastern Libyan Army – said they had freed the neighbourhood, but some militants had fled to a nearby area known as the “12 blocks”(BBC,2017)